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BPCS Upgrade & Infor LX Implementation

BPCS Upgrade & Infor LX Implementation

Authoritative knowledge from the largest BPCS and Infor LX practice in North America

Need to upgrade BPCS or implement an Infor LX (ERP LX) system? Crossroads RMC knows all versions of Infor LX and BPCS inside and out. Our team of consultant’s expertise comes from 30+ years of experience aligning Infor ERPs with manufacturers and distributors unique business strategies, with as little interruption as possible.

Crossroads RMC consistently delivers on-time and on-budget based on clearly defined objectives and deliverables, and like you, we care about your long-term success and we’ll guide you through each step, from evaluation to 24x7 support after you go live.

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What is Infor LX?

Infor Executive discussion on IBMi strategy and investment

Infor LX, formerly known as ERP LX, is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that gives process and discrete manufacturers flexibility to adapt to industry trends and regulatory changes.

Manufacturers of all sizes in 60+ countries trust Infor LX to support every phase of process and discrete manufacturing business processes, including source-to-pay, prospect-to-cash, design-to-manufacture, and financial tracking and reporting. Access to the LX Cloud makes version 8.4 of this IBM i®-based ERP system more agile than ever, with enhanced capacity to integrate with Infor’s Supply Chain Execution, EAM, CRM, and Supplier Exchange solutions, and access to next-generation Data Lake, document management, and collaboration tools in Infor OS. Plus, the IBM® i platform helps ensure mission-critical systems are scalable, dependable, and secure.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Infor LX

Infor LX offers deep industry functionality and flexibility to help you adapt to new manufacturing trends and industry changes. 

Upgrading your Infor ERP system doesn’t need to be a headache. Crossroads RMC is your go-to experts for Infor LX. Our expertise comes from years of experience, and proven best practice methodologies to optimize your unique business strategy.

  1. Modern user interface

  2. Business collaboration

  3. Common development platform

  4. Continued investment in the core application

  5. Easy to upgrade

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Upgrading or Implementing
Infor LX

A manufacturers ERP system is at the center of the software you rely on to do business everyday. With ever-evolving technology, many businesses find themselves overdue for an ERP upgrade or migration when the business starts declining, and falling behind the competition.

We understand that the idea of upgrading your ERP is enough to give you heart burn, but avoiding or delaying an ERP upgrade will cost you more money in the long run. Here are a few things to think about...

  • Obsolete technology lacks of functionality.

  • Efficient communication improves production.

  • Modern ERP and competitive advantage are linked.

  • Out-dated ERP systems increase IT & maintenance costs.

  • Cybersecurity & sensitive data exposure threats continue to increase.

Don’t let delaying an ERP decision

Crossroads RMC expertise comes from years of experience, and proven best practice methodologies to optimize your unique business strategy. We understand that technology evolves faster than ERP systems so we also provide systems administration, network configuration, database administration, system replacement services, and 24x7x365 technical support, because like you, we care about your long-term success.

You may think you are saving money, but waiting to implement, replace, or upgrade ERP is only going to hurt you in the long run. Access to new features and emerging technology along with enhanced usability will lead to business benefits allowing you to remain competitive. Crossroads RMC offers rapid implementation accelerators that enable your business to get up and running quickly with minimal disruption. Read the article - Don't let delaying and ER decision hold your business back by Nick Castellina - Director of Industry & Solution Strategy at Infor.

"Our upgrade from BPCS 6.1 to LX 8.3 was greatly aided by Crossroads RMC. Their extensive knowledge of the financial system was a saving grace for us since we had a system that was set up over 15 years ago by people no longer in the company. The patience and professionalism of Hugh Carty made the transition much less complicated and frustrating. There is no doubt in my mind that it would have taken a much longer period and a substantially more painful path if it was not for Crossroads RMC bending over backward to accommodate our processes and time constraints. Crossroads RMC was also able to help us with AS400 technical training, MRP production system design, and pricing using Promotions and Deals. This large swath of knowledge was very helpful in management discussions. Thanks to the Crossroads RMC team and in particular Hugh Carty, Yupo was able to bring this implementation under budget and on time."

Tim Knight, IS Manager, Yupo Corporation, USA

Implementation GraphicInfor LX Implementation Phases

Implementing Infor LX can be a complex undertaking that affects many parts of your business. Just like any major project, having a carefully designed implementation plan is critical to your success. Crossroads RMC's implementation experts thoroughly analyze your requirements and business processes to assure your project will move quickly and positively to optimize your manufacturing systems, by dividing your implementation into phases, each with clear objectives, that maximize your success.

Crossroads RMC consistently delivers on-time and on-budget and like you, we care about your long-term success and we’ll guide you through each step, from evaluation to 24x7 support after you go live.

  • Initiation Phase
  • Functional Design Phase
  • Build Phase
  • Deployment Phase
  • Optimization Phase

To ensure a successful implementation, Crossroads RMC's consultants examine current business processes and requirements to create a strategic plan.

Define Project Expectations (Scope)
Determine Project Team and Roles

Establish Project Team and determine the roles they will play and the personnel resources that will be needed
Establish a High-Level Project Plan including project phases, stages, and order of implementation
Define Meeting Frequency
Pre- Kickoff Agenda Checklist
Kick-off Meeting

Project Scope
Defined Goals and Objectives
Project Communication Plan
Define Score Card
High-Level Project Plan – (MS Project Planning)
Initial High-Level Implementation Strategy
Risk Assessment
Documented Project Team and Resources


Our implementation experts thoroughly analyze your requirements and business processes to assure your project will move quickly and positively to optimize your manufacturing systems.

Implementation Diagram

1. List Current Processes
Identify all current users that transact/execute transactions
Identify all users that receive reports from the system
Identify all data extract programs/routines

2. Document Current Processes
Flow Chart order flow from quote to customer receiving dock
Identify key/power users in each functional area
Identify special programs used during Month End/Year End processing

3. Education

Educate the project team with selected software
Educate the project team with the system
Educate the project team with application concepts
Train the Trainers on being Educators

Assess project team skill levels to determine what education is necessary
Data Element Review
Create education plan to meet the educational needs determined above
Conduct software, system education, and project application concept education

Education plan
Education assessment
Data Conversion Element Definition

Model the Process
Draft a new order flow that will best address the company objectives, both short term, and long term, if within scope.
Draft new functionality flows separately and in detail.

Process Validation

Gain consensus on how the business processes of the company should work
Provide basis for conducting Requirements Analysis/Definition Step
Provide starting point for creating comprehensive test scripts

Gather or create models depicting business process flows as they should be
Validate models and gain approval

Detail Business process flow models red lined
Documented System Issues and decisions
Process model approval


Requirements Definition - Objectives
Analyze system fit
Document new system decisions
Identify system issues

Gap Analysis
Requirements Definition

Implementation Diagram

4. Define New Processes
Define exactly what the requirement for changing the process is and what it must do to meet stakeholder approval.

Technical Definition

Create detailed technical specifications
Perform coding activity & Execute module testing
Ensure completeness by reviewing technical modules

Detailed descriptions of changes to existing code or instructions for creating new code are formed on a module basis
Coding is performed in a team fashion
Interfaces, conversions, and enhancements are specified
Completion of each module - unit level testing performed to ensure that specifications are met
A quality review of each module is performed after the programmer has finished

Technical modular designs
Functioning enhancements
Executed unit test plans
Task quality review notes

5. Conference Room Pilot

Ensure usability by testing

Design and execute test plan
Execute flow documents
Test system integration
Feedback from all levels used to tailor training activities / initiate possible system refinements

Testing plan
Testing scripts
Testing assessment
Post Live Audit Procedure

6. Documentation
Provide materials that help users perform their tasks more efficiently
Provide training materials for user training

Identify areas for documentation based on defined workflows and users’ skill levels
Target user groups are identified and analyzed, and the precise documentation expectations of each are determined
User procedures are documented

User procedural documentation (Defined flow documents)

Go Live Planning

Plan smooth transition to new system
Anticipate and minimize risks
Create plan for end-user training requirements
Distinct steps are identified

Information is gathered concerning migration of existing data
Implementation risks are carefully assessed and steps are designed to minimize those risks
Contingency plans are created

Complete training
Data migration plan
Cutover plan
Contingency plan
Risk assessment understanding


System Set-up Objectives
Ensure system readiness
Ready software with necessary configurations

Planned changes or additions to the system are made
Validate system’s hardware configurations
Software configurations are performed
Operational and environment setups are performed
Execute data migration plan

System readiness assessment

System Cutover Activities

Ensure system modules function together as designed
Check data integrity under all possible situations

A detailed plan outlining the steps involved in the system testing stage are created
The devised plan is executed, discrepancies noted and appropriate changes made

System readiness assessment
User cutover acceptance by department

System Test

Any design revision issues arising from system testing are cycled through all steps in the technical system creation stage
Address and resolve issues coming out of system test

System testing plan
System testing scripts
System testing assessment
Conversion test plan
Conversion scripts
Conversion assessment

End User Testing

Train all in-house personnel who will be providing system training
Train users for their specific roles on the system
Train administrators in system maintenance activity
Defined training plan is executed
Training of the trainers and leaders is performed (Train the Trainer)
Training sessions are held for individual users or groups of users

Completed training plan
User training assessment

Live Cutover

Bring the new system into operation

Final verification of proper system setup is performed according to cutover plan
Proper completion of training requirements and data migration is verified
Cutover is performed

Integrated solution with daily business operations


Post Implementation Objectives
Resolve critical system issues quickly with minimal business interruption
Support administrators, trainers, and users with answers to questions
Periodically verify that implemented solution still meets the required business needs
Add functionality and change procedures as needed to facilitate new requirements

Usage of the system is monitored closely to verify proper operation and user interaction
Additional requirements are analyzed, designed, and implemented using steps from the methodology. If changes are large, an additional project phase is often planned Ensure system’s ability to continue meeting company needs

Implemented solution which balances with the scope of the project

Post Implementation Audit

Ensure that the user community is utilizing the system as designed
Validate hardware resources are sufficient to allow business operations to perform as expected
Identify issues to improve system efficiencies and ease of use
Acknowledge contributions made by each project team member

Identify user groups to be interviewed
Develop interview sheet to prompt users for comments regarding hardware, software, and operational aspects of the system
Review user’s conformance to policies and procedures
Discuss system performance and potential for improvement
Summarize issues, comments, and concerns identified
Initiate process of prioritizing, and resolving identified issues
Create and distribute to client management and project team members a review of each of the team member’s contributions during the project, with your thanks.

Assessment summary of current system operations
Issue list
Audit Transactions

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How can an ERP upgrade help my company?

Your ERP system lies at the heart of your business. How it’s utilized is critical to operating a stable, well understood and effective business system. Crossroads RMC's consultants have helped 500+ Infor customers increase the return on their Infor ERP investment by utilizing proven processes to optimize your manufacturing systems through the most cost effective means possible.

My ERP has Fallen
& Can't Get Up

Aging ERPs can't support your business needs, lack flexibility, and can't integrate with up-to-date technology.

Upgrade & Implementation

Infor LX increases productivity and improves the efficiency of your enterprise's operations. Our team has developed best practices to improve the way your employees, resources and technology work together.

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No Clouds Here But
Still Lack Visibility

The last thing you want to risk is your relationship with customers and suppliers, but having poor visibility to your supply chain does just that.

Real-Time Visibility

With Infor LX, manufacturers can rely on real-time data to gain visibility into their shop floor operations to determine which areas are most impacted by performance. Infor LX can be implemented in the Cloud or on premise.

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Tired of Throwing
Money at Your ERP

An outdated ERP system costs more money to maintain than a modern ERP. Your competition is counting their money, and your stuck in the past. It's time to look to the future.

Infor LX - Modern ERP

Infor LX supports real transformation, and is aligned with today's business environment in which you and your competitors operate. Our team delivers on-time and on-budget!

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Does my ERP
Need an Upgrade?

Businesses relying on outdated systems are open to increased vulnerability, decreased productivity and a loss of competitive advantages.

ERP Utilization Review

It’s time to evaluate the functionality of your ERP system and how it supports your business initiatives. Newer ERP versions provide easy to implement workflows, and take your business to the next level with a cost-effective solution on premise or in the cloud.

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Infor LX Upgrade & Implementation Consulting

When it comes to change, pain is a great motivator. Maybe it takes longer every month to reconcile your financials or you’re forecasts are based on guesswork. You have no idea how much stock you have on hand, so it’s hard to be demand-driven and increasing compliance regulations are a nightmare. Here are five common signs we have seen when a company is ready to consider a new ERP system:

  1. Making decisions takes too long and it's hard to find information.
  2. Working capital has increased, and too much money is tied up in inventory and processes.
  3. You rely on disconnected and redundant software programs with their own database.
  4. You can't deliver what your customers want, when they want it, where they want it, and competition is crushing you.
  5. You are experiencing growth and expansion and your current system can’t scale up, handle global needs, or support new business lines.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

If you need help developing a list of requirements, Crossroads RMC knows your industry and market and has customers similar to your business. We offer an ERP Utilization Review to evaluate your business processes and identify areas where improvement is needed.

Contact Frank Petrasio at, or +1.800.762.2077 or Request a free phone consultation

Moving IT infrastructure and software to the cloud reduces the need for in-house support structure and saves the cost of server hardware. Cloud-based ERP are easier to scale functionality as required. Cloud makes it easier to share information across regions and locations. Regardless of Cloud or on-premise, Crossroads RMC provides flexibility for our customers needs.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

Success depends on the goals you set to achieve. Many companies measure return on investment in terms of cost and time savings achieved when automating manual work, and gaining visibility into production. Some look at the value of reduced risks and improved corporate governance. The potential ROI can be seen in a wide variety of departments and processes.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

The implementation timeframe depends on the modules being implemented. If it's only the accounting module, it can be implemented within one month, based on the assumption that the the data is ready, and all users are up to speed on training.
Some implementations can take a year or more if the organization has growth requirements, incomplete or incorrect data and/or management changes. The key to a successful implementation is to have excellent communication between within the project team.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

Yes, historical data transfer and data migration is a typical part of an implementation.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

Best of breed software normally has their own APIs available for the purpose of integrating with other software or database. Our team specializes in integrating third party systems to improve communication, and extending your functionality with ERP enhancements within Infor LX.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

There is no limit to the number of users you can add to Infor LX as your company grows. You many need to purchase additional licenses so the new users can login at the same time, but these licenses can be purchased at any time.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

A successful ERP implementation is one that provides outstanding investment return by supporting your specific business strategy.

  1. Talk to a Crossroads RMC consultant to ensure that Infor LX matches your business goals and processes.
  2. Create a strategic plan that maps your business interactions with Infor LX, including customizations.
  3. Develop an implementation schedule and budget, including measurable goals and objectives.
  4. Identify a project management team that is responsible for dealing with uncertainties, unexpected issues or resistance towards new business processes or IT systems.
  5. Create a team of stakeholders, including department heads and end-users, who will carry out various ERP implementation aspects, including providing or assisting with training.
  6. Clean and organize data to be imported from old systems into Infor LX.
  7. Monitor and report on implementation process to stakeholders throughout each step to avoid scope creep and the disruption of business productivity.

Successful ERP implementations will vary slightly depending on verticals and business requirements, but the basic steps remain similar regardless of the industry.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) often work within tighter budgetary restraints, requiring more precision and discipline for implementation compared to enterprises with larger budgets.
The following steps can be taken to ensure that the implementation results in the expected benefits.

  • Obtain full implementation support from the business owners, C-level executives, department heads, and managers.
  • Define your business objectives, business processes, and the IT requirements that support your business strategy.
  • Outline the expected business benefits to be derived from the implementation.
  • Educate/train staff on the new system before full implementation takes place.
  • Facilitate communication within and between teams and departments.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

Data conversion can be one of the most challenging aspects of an implementation, and in terms of hardware, purchasing new servers, workstations, and other items may result in additional costs and configuration.

Ways to avoid these challenges:

  • Clean the data prior to importing it reduces the probability of duplicated or corrupted data populating your database.
  • Technical challenges may require creative solutions to avoid additional costs of implementation.
  • Purchase new servers, workstations, and other hardware required for your ERP system to ensure efficient operation.
  • People are often resistant to change, which may cause problems when end-users or management refuses to implement the new system. A change management plan including training, communication, and stakeholders' involvement from each department will help avoid unnecessary resistance to change.

Contact Frank Petrasio at or +1.800.762.2077

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    "Crossroads RMC has been one of those rare discoveries. Competent people that care that they do a good job and have a good way of communicating without being demeaning. We hope to have Crossroads RMC on our backup team for years to come."

    Nidec Avtron ManufacturingDirector of QA & MIS

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    "We are very happy with the results and by all accounts the project is a success. Crossroads RMC continues to deliver extremely knowledgeable consultants and project management. We simply wouldn't have made it without them. It continues to be a pleasure working with Crossroads RMC."

    Brandt Agricultural Products LtdIS Manager

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    "Crossroads RMC was instrumental in assisting us with upgrading our LN system from 10.2 to 10.6. We had a few security obstacles that we had to work around and a short time frame in which to complete the project, but Crossroad was quick to resolved the issues to get the new system online. They were integral part of our success."

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    "FSB North America Inc. had a desperate need for inventory control capabilities in conjunction with our Infor ERP LN deployment. Crossroads RMC not only had a solution, but also a deployment process that was simple, patient and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with the Crossroads RMC Data Collection solution (Web Collect) and have seen our efficiency increase significantly. Crossroads RMC completed the project on time and on budget. We are happy to have chosen them for this project."

    FSB North America Inc.Warehouse Operations & IT Manager

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    "Improving the efficiency of all our operations is key to our ongoing success. Crossroads RMC’s Data Collection solution clearly can help us on an ongoing basis, and it offers immediate improvement and a foundation we can continue to build on."

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    "The recent BPCS work completed by Crossroads RMC was the most satisfying consulting project I have been involved with over my 20 year career, some of that having been a consultant myself. Hugh Carty and Luis Diaz are both very competent and efficient technically but also, importantly, respectful and courteous to all employees with whom they worked. They are what a consultant should be. Should the need arise again we will certainly hope to obtain their services."

    Central Wire IndustriesIT Director

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    "Crossroads RMC has a highly responsive Director of their IBM i Group in Frank Petrasio. During our implementation of Infor’s ERP LX, we needed additional assistance beyond what Infor could directly provide. Another consultant that I trusted and respected suggested that I contact Frank. The short version of the story is “I did and I’m pleased with the results”. I used resources recommended and assigned by Frank who were both 3rd party and direct employees in the areas of EDI, OLM, Finance, and general programming during our conversion and go-live. Post go-live, I was searching for assistance with the possibility of implementing the ECC (Engineering Change Control) module of LX. I again reached out to Frank for a resource and had the opportunity to work with a consultant who knew more about ECC than anybody else I could find from any company. Overall, I would say that my experience with Frank, his company and their resources could be summed up like this: “I found a Director who understands responsiveness, works diligently to provide quality resources, met some amazing consultants and got some amazing results.” If you have need of IBM i services, contact Crossroads RMC and speak with Frank Petrasio. I believe you’ll be as happy as I have been."

    Peterson Manufacturing Company Corporate Director of IT

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    "We sought out Crossroads RMC to be our main source of service on our aging ERP system that is becoming more difficult to maintain internally. Every task, request and email has been answered with accuracy and professionalism. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Crossroads RMC and consider them a valuable partner to our support team."

    Western Industries Plastics Products LLCIT Manager

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    "Our upgrade from BPCS 6.1 to LX 8.3 was greatly aided by Crossroads RMC. Their extensive knowledge of the financial system was a saving grace for us since we had a system that was setup over 15 years ago by people no longer in the company. The patience and professionalism of Hugh Carty made the transition much less complicated and frustrating. There is no doubt in my mind that it would have taken a much longer period and a substantially more painful path if it was not for Crossroads RMC bending over backwards to accommodate our processes and time constraints. Crossroads RMC was also able to help us with AS400 technical training, MRP production system design and pricing using Promotions and Deals. This large swath of knowledge was very helpful in management discussions. Thanks to the Crossroads RMC team and in particular Hugh Carty, Yupo was able to bring this implementation under budget and on time."

    Yupo Corporation USAIT Manager

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    "Crossroads RMC has been a valued and trusted technology partner for a decade. The Crossroads RMC consulting and technical teams have enabled Mohawk to achieve the maximum benefits of our BPCS enterprise resource planning implementation. Crossroads RMC is responsive to all of our consulting and technical requirements ranging from daily operational issues to large-scale systems integration projects. Recently, Crossroads RMC supported the design and implementation of a highly successful eBusiness project to integrate our customers, banking institutions, and third- party warehouses to our enterprise-systems. Mohawk will continue to partner with Crossroads RMC to leverage information technologies, to maintain a competitive edge and to remain the largest manufacturer of premium printing, writing and imaging papers in the country."

    Mohawk Fine PapersDirector, Business Process Management & Information Technology

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    "Crossroads RMC supported us in our corporate pursuit of “Excellence of Finance”. They helped us reduced the mundane day-to-day tedious functions in Finance by building automated reconciliations and interfaces that allow us to provide our financial statements to our shareholders in much less time on a monthly basis."

    Sandvik Materials TechnologyCIO SMT Americas

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    "Regarding ION development work / interface to EAM. Tim Baker completed every task in a timely manner and was very easy to work with. I feel the value of Tim’s work is exceptional and I would recommend his services to any company that is looking for a competent project developer / coder. I truly believe that Tim’s skill set is one of the best values for the dollar of any consultant I have worked with on any Infor product. Thanks and I look forward to future projects with Crossroads RMC."

    Yupo Corporation USAIT Manager