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Infor LN & Baan Software

for Manufacturers & Distributors

Crossroads RMC offers a complete and comprehensive set of software applications to support the optimization and integration of your shop floor and warehouse.

Real Time Visibility: 
     Shop Floor & Inventory Management
     Time & Attendance
Increase Efficiency:
     Barcode Label Generation
     Freight Management
     External Document Integration
     Gross to Net Inventory Reporting
     Customization Without Source Code
     Electronic Work Instruction
     B2Win Suite by Nazdaq
Improve Collaboration & On-Time Delivery:
     Supplier & Dealer Portals
     Supplier Label Compliance
Accessible & Accurate Data:
     Analytics Dashboard
     AvaTax by Avalara
     Production Order Variance Reports Package


Real Time Visibility

Web Collect -Production

Web Collect - Shop Floor & Inventory Management

Simplify Production Reporting, Warehouse & Materials Management, Shipping & More

Web Collect is an extensive data collection tool that seamlessly integrates with Infor LN and Baan to improve operational efficiencies with real-time data, making it simple to collect, record, monitor and transfer accurate information.

Web Collect extends your LN and Baan application in these operational areas:

 •  Warehouse Management
 •  Materials Management
 •  Production Management
 •  Sales Order and Shipping Management
 •  Time and Labor Reporting
 •  Label Generation

300+ customers worldwide have extended Infor LN and Baan with Web Collect (formerly RMC3).

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  • Receiving
  • Cross Docking
  • Inspection Reporting
  • Put Aways
  • Paperless Pick
  • Materials Issues
  • Inventory Transfers & Adjustments
  • Cycle Counts
  • Outbounding
  • Purchase Order Inquiry
  • Stock Inquiry & Shop Floor

  • Report Production Operations Complete
  • Streamlined Production Orders Complete
  • Report Production Operations Complete
  • Process Production Orders
  • Subcontract Receipt Complete
  • Reverse Completed Production Order Quantity
  • Standard Labor Reporting
  • RMCtime Time and Labor Reporting

  • Point of Sales
  • Compose and Confirm Loads
  • Pallet Assignment
  • UPS and FedEx Integration
  • Shipments Quality Control
  • Maintain Deliveries
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Ship to Repair Vendor

  • 1D and 2D Labels
  • Item/Inventory Labels
  • Receiving Labels
  • Production Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • RFID Tags

RMCtime Labor Entry Timesheet

Time & Attendance

Capture, Process & Track, Time & Labor Transactions

RMCtime provides the functionality you need to manage your operations in real-time and it's built for and within Infor LN and Baan, providing a seamlessly integrated solution to manage time and labor for your organization.

The data from RMCtime's input devices/screens and electronic timesheets, update LN and Baan, allowing immediate availability of pertinent information for managers and users.


 • Accurate production labor/machine time
 • Complete payroll attendance information
 • Reduced time reconciliation process
 • Completion of General Ledger Postings
 • Automated Payroll system updates 

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"RMCtime streamlined the entry, collection and update processes necessary for accurate reporting, at both the plant and corporate levels. Eliminated manual efforts, minimized cost overruns, provided real-time information throughout the plant; gave the ability to recognize problems sooner, and helped increase production rates and on-time deliveries."




Barcode Label Generation

User Friendly Label Development

Easily create, and implement unique to business, item, customer or functional area labels with RMClabel.

RMClabel’s configurability allows you to include any information needed on any type of label, including 1-D barcode, 2-D barcode and RFID labels. RMClabel natively understands Infor LN and Baan tables and fields and provides built in label intelligence to determine which label should be printed based on predefined rules.

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Freight Management

Automate the Interface to UPS WorldShip & FedEx Ship Manager

Streamline your shipping process to UPS and FedEx, with RMCship, so you can identify and correct potential issues, compose, confirm and track shipments, check pallet assignments, update freight amount, type, quantity shipped, tracking ID, and more.

Increase accuracy, eliminate manual step and grow your business.

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External Document Integration

Attach a CAD Drawing, Word Document, PDF, Excel Spreadsheet to Each Item Revision

No need to pull related documents from a file cabinet, or search through your network, all outputs can be viewed from your workstation, or printed as a hard copy. And each time shop floor paperwork is printed, all the related documents automatically print along with it!

Increase your efficiency by eliminating errors and reducing labor with RMCdoc.

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RMCbuild Inventory

Gross to Net Inventory Reporting

The standard LN and Baan sessions, Display Warehouse Inventory by Production BOM and Print Warehouse Inventory by Production BOM, provide minimal insight into the effects of ordering manufactured items, and it's just not enough.

RMCbuild provides production and inventory planners with a complete view of the resulting inventory situation created by ordering one or more manufactured items, and can be tailored to meet your company’s individual needs.

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Customization Without Source Code

Create Libraries & Scripts Outside of Infor LN & Baan Sessions

RMCgen is a generation tool that analyzes LN and Baan sessions, extracting libraries and program scripts. The libraries and scripts can be used to string multiple operations together automatically or serve as the starting point to create your own, customized applications.

It's simple. Only minimal programming skills are required, and no need to pay for source code or outside programming. Just one low cost tool and you can maximize your ROI. 

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Electronic Work Instruction Interface

VJES is an electronic work instruction interface bridging engineering and the paperless manufacturing floor. It provides only the correct version of work instructions, ensuring that production personnel have everything they need to get it right the first time. With the latest, visually engaging instructions, images, and videos, VJES maximizes the opportunity for accurate assembly.

The “shot clock” feature of VJES allows for the establishment of time standards for each operation, enabling the tracking of employee performance. This feature ensures clear communication of expectations, fosters transparency and efficiency, and identifies bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.

Though VJES is designed to function as a stand-alone system, integrating it with your ERP system enhances its capabilities, turning it into a comprehensive data capture, tracking, and tracing tool for shop floor operations. Operators can log completions through barcoded, manual(numeric with limits, text, and pass/fail), or USB foot pedal inputs.

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Have Maximum Control Over Your ERP Output

B2Win Suite specializing in converting ERP documents and reports into multiple formats with the ability to design, personalize and distribute them using a single and easy-to-use multipurpose interface.

With B2Win Suite businesses can simplify, streamline and optimize business communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Each core application within the suite is integrated into the entire system’s infrastructure to expand functionality and automation to improve business efficiency.

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Improve Collaboration & On-Time Delivery

Real Time Communication With Suppliers, Dealers & Your Sales Force

Excellent communication is needed to be efficient, productive and effective, while maintaining control of your operations.

Portals to ERP make it easy for you to stay connected to your sales force, dealers and suppliers, so you can focus on growing your business, and it integrates with your current version of Infor LN and Baan, so you can extend the value of the tools you already use!

With a click of a button, you can access technical documents, purchase orders, order status, catalogs, document libraries, invoices, and much more, stored securely, and available for collaboration, approval, and sharing.

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Dealer Portal to ERP

The Dealer Portal to ERP provides an easy to use, online system to place orders for finished good items, or spare parts for stock. Dealers can view their catalog, add items to a cart, and have the order submitted and uploaded into Infor LN or Baan for immediate processing.  

The portal allows dealers to view when sales orders are created, shipped, and all the way through invoicing. Dealers can also review historical and current PDF documents online such as sales orders and invoices.

The portal integrates seamlessly to Crossroads RMC's Data Collection - Web Collect, shipping process for quick tracking and packaging information. All information is immediately available to the dealer, including packing slip documents and actual time of departure, so all necessary parties are notified automatically.


Supplier Portal to ERP

How many emails, faxes, phone calls are necessary for your buyers to communicate with your suppliers and for your suppliers to communicate information back to your buyers? 

Supplier Portal to ERP, streamlines communication, allowing you to synchronize new and updated purchase orders, special instructions, shared documents, and directories. You have full control to submit, view and approve all the communication needed to keep everything running smoothly and securely.

The portal stands alone, or can be integrated with Nazdaq's B2Win and Mail Merge products for an automated and interactive modern interface for Infor LN, Baan IV, or Baan V Purchase Orders to Suppliers process.


Supplier Label Compliance

Receive Shipments Barcoded to Your Specifications

Your inbound material handling process costs you up to 10% of the total cost of the goods purchased from your suppliers, and the more manual the process, the higher the cost.

With increasing economic concerns, manufacturers are turning to lean principles and demand-driven practices that share the same goals; cut time, and effort, while improving response time and customer satisfaction.

Supplier Label Compliance allows your suppliers to send you shipments that are already barcoded according to your specifications, allowing you to immediately scan the shipment as it arrives.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Access inventory data in real-time
  • Track inbound shipments in real-time
  • Eliminate errors in data entry
  • Reduce your overall costs associated with the receiving process

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Accessible & Accurate Data

Analytics Dashboard Machine Labor

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze The Data You Use to Run Your Business

Analytics Dashboard allows you to configure your data any way you’d like, all without programming knowledge, or the need to touch your Infor ERP system!

What is Analytics Dashboard?

Developed specifically for Infor ERP's, Analytics Dashboard is software that allows you to analyze the data you use to run your business. It provides the “big picture”, or gets down into the finer details, by providing sophisticated grid and charting functionality, filtering, export to Excel, PDF printing and emailing capabilities. Bring your data to life with flexible, interactive and fully customizable displays with real-time access to your Infor ERP. This is the perfect tool for executive management, supervisors and general displays in your warehouse or on the shop floor.

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Fully Customizable

Configure without programming knowledge, or the need to touch your ERP system!

Unlimited Mega Report Views

Generate full color reports with custom views & graphs.

Easy to Share

Schedule & Share reports & Excel spreadsheets with the touch of a button.

Desktop, Web & Mobile

View real-time trends by product, line of business, job step status, transaction history, sales rep, & more.

Analytics Dashboard Animated Video (1:42)

AvaTax by Avalara

Comprehensive & Current Tax Rates Applied in Real Time

AvaTax's cutting-edge technologies and processing logic manage complicated tax issues, such as situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, exemption certificate management and product taxability rules.

AvaTax delivers address validation and sales tax calculations on-demand. CertCapture digitally creates, stores and accesses exemption certificates at the point of sale. Returns closes the loop on your sales tax compliance process – it completes and files all forms and remits your sales tax with one easy payment.

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The AvaTax cloud-based service stays current on taxation statutes and tax rates, so you never have to make a tax rate decision again!


Deliver real-time sales tax calculations as the transaction is taking place via a secure, encrypted Internet connection – without disrupting your existing workflow. Streamline the exemption process for you and your customer, with online certificate collection. Process returns on-time, every time with automated filing and remittance.


Seamless integration with existing business systems eliminates the guesswork. No more time-consuming collection of information for returns completion or tracking jurisdictional requirements for filing. Produce the correct exemption certificates at any time, from anywhere. Reduce turnaround time for auditor requests and customer purchasing.


Forget having to track rates, rule changes and tax holidays: AvaTax calculates using up-to-date, real-time sales and use tax rates and rules. Ensure accuracy using AvaTax address validation, sourcing rules, product taxability and jurisdiction assignment — accurate down to the rooftop level. Reduce your audit risk with Avalara Returns filing and remittance.


Eliminate hardware acquisition and maintenance costs with our cloud-based service model. Simple, out-of-the-box integration reduces implementation and training costs. Subscription-based pricing is scalable to meet the needs of customers of all sizes.

production order variance report

Production Order Variance Reports Package

View Financial Variances

Production Order Variance Reports is a package that includes numerous reports and sessions that can be run by the finance department to identify problems based on the Finance Integration Transactions in the General Ledger.

This package includes a few main sessions, with many detailed sessions links. The reports run from the main Print Production Order Variance Reports or in the individual detailed session.

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Reports / Sessions Included:

1. Print Finalized Trans – Variance Reports:
    a. Fin. Trans. by L/Acct – Prod. Order Variances - Recap
    b. Fin. Trans. by L/Acct – Prod. Order Variances - Details

2. Update Production Order Variances (updates special variance table).

3. Production Order Variance Overview – Main view
    a. Production Order Variance Details
    b. Price Variance Details – Material Variances
    c. Price Variance Details – Operation Variances
    d. Efficiency Variance Details – Material Variances
    e. Efficiency Variance Details – Operation Variances
    f.  Efficiency Variance Details – Reject Variances
    g. ACO Variance Details – Reject Variances
    h. Accept Production Order Variances
    i. Un-accept Production Order Variances
    j. Finally Accept Production Order Variances

4. Print Production Order Variance Reports:
    a. Production Order Variance – Overview
    b. Production Order Price Variance -Material Revaluation
    c. Production Order Price Variance -Operation Revaluation
    d. Production Order Efficiency Variance -Material
    e. Production Order Efficiency Variance -Operation
    f. Production Order Efficiency Variance -Rejects
    g. Production Order ACO Variance -Rejects-Additional Costs

5. Delete Production Order Variances (used to redo a month).

Why Crossroads RMC?

  • We can help you harness the power of your current ERP, without requiring you to upgrade.
  • Our expert consulting and technical staff has 14-35 years of manufacturing and distribution experience.
  • We have developed a complete and comprehensive set of software to support the optimization and integration of your shop floor and warehouse.
  • We are an Infor partner with 500+ clients worldwide. Our close working relationship with Infor guarantees you the level of support and security necessary to assure you continue to get what you want and need from your software investment.
  • Our services remain a cut above the rest because of experienced, hard-working and friendly people that exceed client expectations every day. Our commitment to quality services and solutions continues to propel our growth and success.
  • You can count on us - We've been in business since 1984 and we're here to stay! Combine that with the highest reputation of manufacturing, distribution and technology consulting, we are your leading source to improve the performance and functionality of your Infor ERP.

  • Nidec Avtron Logo

    "Crossroads RMC has been one of those rare discoveries. Competent people that care that they do a good job and have a good way of communicating without being demeaning. We hope to have Crossroads RMC on our backup team for years to come."


    Nidec Avtron ManufacturingDirector of QA & MIS

  • Brandt Logo

    "We are very happy with the results and by all accounts the project is a success. Crossroads RMC continues to deliver extremely knowledgeable consultants and project management. We simply wouldn't have made it without them. It continues to be a pleasure working with Crossroads RMC."


    Brandt Agricultural Products LtdIS Manager

  • Hunter Douglas Logo

    "Crossroads RMC was instrumental in assisting us with upgrading our LN system from 10.2 to 10.6. We had a few security obstacles that we had to work around and a short time frame in which to complete the project, but Crossroad was quick to resolved the issues to get the new system online. They were integral part of our success."

    HunterDouglasIT Specialist

  • FSB Logo

    "FSB North America Inc. had a desperate need for inventory control capabilities in conjunction with our Infor ERP LN deployment. Crossroads RMC not only had a solution, but also a deployment process that was simple, patient and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with the Crossroads RMC Data Collection solution (Web Collect) and have seen our efficiency increase significantly. Crossroads RMC completed the project on time and on budget. We are happy to have chosen them for this project."

    FSB North America Inc.Warehouse Operations & IT Manager

  • RHI Magnesita Logo

    "Improving the efficiency of all our operations is key to our ongoing success. Crossroads RMC’s Data Collection solution clearly can help us on an ongoing basis, and it offers immediate improvement and a foundation we can continue to build on."

    RHI MagnesitaIT Manager

  • CWI Logo

    "The recent BPCS work completed by Crossroads RMC was the most satisfying consulting project I have been involved with over my 20 year career, some of that having been a consultant myself. Hugh Carty and Luis Diaz are both very competent and efficient technically but also, importantly, respectful and courteous to all employees with whom they worked. They are what a consultant should be. Should the need arise again we will certainly hope to obtain their services."


    Central Wire IndustriesIT Director

  • Peterson Mfg Logo

    "Crossroads RMC has a highly responsive Director of their IBM i Group in Frank Petrasio. During our implementation of Infor’s ERP LX, we needed additional assistance beyond what Infor could directly provide. Another consultant that I trusted and respected suggested that I contact Frank. The short version of the story is “I did and I’m pleased with the results”. I used resources recommended and assigned by Frank who were both 3rd party and direct employees in the areas of EDI, OLM, Finance, and general programming during our conversion and go-live. Post go-live, I was searching for assistance with the possibility of implementing the ECC (Engineering Change Control) module of LX. I again reached out to Frank for a resource and had the opportunity to work with a consultant who knew more about ECC than anybody else I could find from any company. Overall, I would say that my experience with Frank, his company and their resources could be summed up like this: “I found a Director who understands responsiveness, works diligently to provide quality resources, met some amazing consultants and got some amazing results.” If you have need of IBM i services, contact Crossroads RMC and speak with Frank Petrasio. I believe you’ll be as happy as I have been."


    Peterson Manufacturing Company Corporate Director of IT

  • Western Industries Logo

    "We sought out Crossroads RMC to be our main source of service on our aging ERP system that is becoming more difficult to maintain internally. Every task, request and email has been answered with accuracy and professionalism. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Crossroads RMC and consider them a valuable partner to our support team."

    Western Industries Plastics Products LLCIT Manager

  • YUPO Logo

    "Our upgrade from BPCS 6.1 to LX 8.3 was greatly aided by Crossroads RMC. Their extensive knowledge of the financial system was a saving grace for us since we had a system that was setup over 15 years ago by people no longer in the company. The patience and professionalism of Hugh Carty made the transition much less complicated and frustrating. There is no doubt in my mind that it would have taken a much longer period and a substantially more painful path if it was not for Crossroads RMC bending over backwards to accommodate our processes and time constraints. Crossroads RMC was also able to help us with AS400 technical training, MRP production system design and pricing using Promotions and Deals. This large swath of knowledge was very helpful in management discussions. Thanks to the Crossroads RMC team and in particular Hugh Carty, Yupo was able to bring this implementation under budget and on time."


    Yupo Corporation USAIT Manager

  • Mohawk Logo

    "Crossroads RMC has been a valued and trusted technology partner for a decade. The Crossroads RMC consulting and technical teams have enabled Mohawk to achieve the maximum benefits of our BPCS enterprise resource planning implementation. Crossroads RMC is responsive to all of our consulting and technical requirements ranging from daily operational issues to large-scale systems integration projects. Recently, Crossroads RMC supported the design and implementation of a highly successful eBusiness project to integrate our customers, banking institutions, and third- party warehouses to our enterprise-systems. Mohawk will continue to partner with Crossroads RMC to leverage information technologies, to maintain a competitive edge and to remain the largest manufacturer of premium printing, writing and imaging papers in the country."

    Mohawk Fine PapersDirector, Business Process Management & Information Technology

  • Sandvik Logo

    "Crossroads RMC supported us in our corporate pursuit of “Excellence of Finance”. They helped us reduced the mundane day-to-day tedious functions in Finance by building automated reconciliations and interfaces that allow us to provide our financial statements to our shareholders in much less time on a monthly basis."


    Sandvik Materials TechnologyCIO SMT Americas

  • YUPO Logo

    "Regarding ION development work / interface to EAM. Tim Baker completed every task in a timely manner and was very easy to work with. I feel the value of Tim’s work is exceptional and I would recommend his services to any company that is looking for a competent project developer / coder. I truly believe that Tim’s skill set is one of the best values for the dollar of any consultant I have worked with on any Infor product. Thanks and I look forward to future projects with Crossroads RMC."


    Yupo Corporation USAIT Manager